October 7, 2021

Brand Hackers Surgery – We should probably talk about Christmas


About this event


  • Christmas is the biggest sales period of the whole year. Founders want you to pull a cool creative idea out of the bag, that will triple the year’s revenue and you have two weeks to do it.

    Sound familiar? Well not anymore, our Brand Hacker surgery is going to give you the chance to get organised and brainstorm with other brands working on the same problems. So together we can pull off the coolest campaigns for the yuletide season. 

    We’ll be covering:

    • – Best in class Christmas campaigns 
    • – Ways to cover Christmas (partnerships, charity collabs, giveaways & USP focused campaigns)
    • – Your secret sauce: what touch points should you activate?
    • – Your comms message 
    • – Breakout rooms brainstorm 

About the speaker

Lizzie has 5 years start-up marketing expertise, working on making a lot of noise for small brands on a shoestring budget. She has run Christmas campaigns for byRuby, Real Handful, Hiver Beers and Dr. Will’s from launching bespoke recipe boxes for buyers to getting 500 people to run 50km in the Yuletide season. 

Lizzie is a Marketing Manager in our Brand Hackers team, who act as a bolt on marketing team to brands in our community.  With bias to action being a Copy Club value, the team work hard and fast, powered by our incredible Copy Club community. The Brand Hackers team get under the skin of brands and challenge them to think bigger and more creatively whilst working dynamically and flexibly with their fast-changing needs. 

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