September 22, 2021

The Tiktok Playbook for brands

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Feel like you're missing out on the latest social media?

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Struggling to know what the platform is and where to begin?

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Are you unsure on how to use th platform to get your brand out there?

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Been on the platform and don't know how to gain success?

We have a solution!

This 2 hour interactive workshop will give you all the info, steps & insight for tikTok success

Sonya will show you how to use the platform, give examples of how brands have done it and help you think creatively to get people interested.

4-6pm, 22nd Sept ‘21

£40 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources.


The TikTok Playbook for brands

This workshop will cover..

4pm - 6pm, 22nd Sept ‘21

£40 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources.

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The genuis behind it
Sonya Gonzalez Mier

Sonya spent the last decade looking after some of the UK’s biggest food brands such as Müllerlight, Müller Corner, Jammie Dodgers and Wagon Wheels.

Following her experience of running viral TikTok campaigns and growing her account to over 50,000 followers, she will be sharing her best tips on how brands can win on the world’s most active and fastest-growing social network.

the deets...

This is a 2 hour hour workshop. From 4-6pm on the 22nd of September.
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This will be hosted on Zoom and will be interactive, so please be prepared to get stuck in.
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You'll also receive a worksheet to refer back to, a recording of the chat & a group to turn to when in need.

4-6pm, 22nd Sept ‘21

£40 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources.

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