Marketing lessons from Seedlip 🍸

Seedlip started the non-alcoholic spirit category. 

Launched in 2013, it’s growing fast. Stocked in top international hotels and restaurants, as well as stores like Selfridges. Seedlip has defined marketing in its category.

Hayley-Jane Doyle heads up marketing at Seedlip. She spoke to us about what it’s like to market an entirely new concept. Useful lessons for any brand, whether you’re in a new or established category & lots more. Read on for our top five takeaways.


Know your brand 💬

Be clear about your brand’s purpose, personality and values. 

Early on, work out what your brand stands for and how you want to come across. It will help you create a consistent experience for customers, making it easier for them to recognise you. Plus, it’s a great guide for any decisions. Does a new campaign idea feel right for your brand? If not, move on.

Knowing their brand identity, values and motivations helps Seedlip stay on track when choosing new partners or considering new ideas. If a partner or idea doesn’t fit with their beliefs about nature, they won’t go down that road.

Become besties with your customers 🥰

Understand your consumers. Work out where they are in their journey with your product’s category. Tailor your strategy based on this.

Because Seedlip’s category is still so new, lots of consumers don’t know what to do with a non-alcoholic spirit, when to drink it or how it can fit into their lives. This means the team needs to educate customers about the category, rather than going straight in to sell products.

If you’re working in a more established category, it’ll be more about persuading customers to eat, drink or do in a new way with your product. 

Whether in a new or established category, make your brand tangible. It’ll help consumers see how it can fit into their lives.

Surprise! 🥳

Find ways to surprise and delight your customers. Be brave!

Act differently from how brands in your space usually would. 

Seedlip’s brand mission is to connect consumers with nature. They’re not afraid to step outside the realm of what a spirit or non-alcohol brand would normally do to achieve this. For example, they created gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show that went on to win awards. 

How can you change things up? Do something surprising and it’ll help your brand cut through in a crowded market.

Goals, goals, goals 

Make sure you set long term goals. The fewer and bigger the better.

Goals help frame what you’re doing and steer your marketing efforts in the right direction. When you need to make a tough decision, bring it back to whether it will help you reach your goals.

Seedlip recommends setting a couple of high-level goals. This will help you focus on doing a small number of things really well, rather than chasing lots of different ideas. As an example, Seedlip’s goals at the moment are to increase brand awareness and get Seedlip into as many hands as possible.

Being clear on your goals can help you choose the best partners too. If you want to get more reach, look for partners with audiences whose audience will love you. If you want to create some kind of beautiful product experience for your customers, choose a partner who can help. 

Don’t just preach to the choir

Balance nurturing your existing community with winning more customers.

To grow, you need to increase the number of people who buy, not just the frequency of buys from current customers. Bring new people to the top of the funnel. 

Seedlip sometimes excludes existing customers from campaigns designed to attract new ones (where possible) to make sure they’re not paying to convert the already converted.

At the same time, it’s important to make your community feel loved. Learn from them. Ask for their feedback. Understand them and why they purchase your products. Make them feel cared for so they come back to you.

Creating a balance between focusing on new and existing customers will help your growth skyrocket.   


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