How to master paid ads with Coconut Collab


Paid ad campaigns can be super powerful. 

But with so many options, it’s pretty difficult to know where to start.

In How to Master Paid AdsEd (Founder of Yonder) was joined by the fabulous Alice Lovell, Head of Marketing at the Coconut Collaborative, to hear how they have used Paid Ads to scale their brand.

Read on to find out Ed & Alice’s top tips for creating a super successful paid ad campaign, that’s just as creative as this work of art 👉.

Nail the brief 

What are your objectives for the campaign? What do you want to achieve?

It can be pretty hard to get started but make sure the goals for the campaign tie into your overall business objective and try to be as decisive as possible. If you’ve got multiple campaign objectives, make sure you prioritise them (we know you’re asked to achieve a lot but priorities are key).

Once you know your overarching aim, you need to define which metrics you want to shift. Do you want to get people to try a new SKU? Or do you want to encourage repeat purchases?

Coconut Collab is on a mission to double its market share, so its campaign focused on bringing new shoppers into the brand.  

Read our guide for nailing a creative brief. 

Find your people

Who are you targeting with your campaign? Define your audience. Try to make yourself available to as many potential customers as possible.

Coconut Collab looked to their category when deciding who to target. Instead of just focusing on converting customers who already bought non-dairy products, they went beyond their traditional customer to get the customers who weren’t always dairy-free.

Combining the two meant Coconut Collab could get some quick wins to move the needle in the short term while laying the foundations to grow its customer base in the future.

Choose your channels

Choose channels that are right for the job. Use your objectives to guide you.

Coconut Collab decided to target its audience in three parts of the funnel: awareness, resonance and recency. The aim was to spread the word about the brand while also giving customers a reason to buy.

The team chose broad reach TV to increase brand awareness, used targeted TV ads plus social to connect with audiences, and influenced shoppers with POS (Point of Sale) and OOH (Out of Home), picking some sites outside supermarkets to tempt customers.

If your brand is sold in supermarkets, try to run in-store promos alongside media campaigns to really drive the message home. Presenting a media plan to retailers can help you land a promo.

Check out a few of the teams favourite examples of brands standing out in store:

Get creative 

It’s time to work on your creative idea. 

Leverage the brand assets you know people remember. Pick out the key messages that land with audiences and incorporate them. And think about showing the product itself.

Coconut Collab started with the knowledge that their iconic tree is super memorable. They also knew they could own the idea of tasting amazing while being natural, so they heroed these messages in their TV ad.

Once the team had nailed down the TV ad creative, they rolled out supporting content across other channels. 

Keep the same idea running through your whole campaign to give customers a joined-up experience.


How did your campaign perform? What could be improved?

Reflecting is an important part of any campaign. Setting objectives at the beginning of the project should ensure you’ve got clear metrics to track to understand if the campaign was a success. Use your learnings to improve your next project.

It’s not just something to do at the end; Coconut Collab A/B tested different audiences during the campaign, picking the best ones to speak to.

Don’t forget to share the results with stakeholders in your business – especially if things went well!

Want to learn more about how to master paid ads campaigns? Our brilliant 6-week course guides you through the whole process of media planning and campaign management. It kicks off Tuesday and it’s not too late to join! Sign up here.


Charlotte & The Copy Club Team


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