December 2, 2021

How to market your podcast


About this event


It’s one thing to make wonderful, engaging content but how can you make sure that it’s going to be heard by your target audience? 

There are over 15.6 million podcast listeners in the UK and research says that listeners tune into 7 podcasts a week – so there is a huge opportunity for your show to become a weekly staple in your audience’s life. We’ll show you how to get there. 

In this session we’ll cover: 

  • – The podcast ‘hygiene factors’ you need in place before you even think about marketing
  • – The low hanging fruit you can activate for your podcast marketing today, for free
  • – The tools you need to implement to create an audience growth strategy
  • – Debunking some of the myths surrounding podcast audience growth and downloads
  • – How to work with other podcasters to grow your network and build together

About the speaker

Charlotte has cut her professional teeth almost exclusively in the world of podcasting, immersing herself in the industry when Mags Creative was just a startup and she was one of the first team members. She’s worked over the last 3 years to help grow it to one of the top podcast production and promotion companies that it is today, reaching millions of ears every month and working with clients like Facebook, Google and making exclusives for the likes of Amazon and Spotify. 

Mags Creative are behind podcasts such as the Deliciously Ella Podcast, Castaway with Laura Whitmore and work with top tier brands to bring their brand identity to life through audio. The team have also worked with leading commissioners on Originals including, Amazon Original Ask Ovie and The Way We Are with Munroe Berdorf with Spotify.

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