December 9, 2021

How to get a brand growing when both time and money are tight


About this event

Lottie Unwin, Founder of Copy Club, a community for marketers in fast growth brands & James Hickson, Founder of We Brought Beer – a beer shop in South West London, have lots of experience in what it takes to build a great start up brand.

The session will cover how to build a simple, effective marketing strategy, how to decide what to do (and crucially, what not to do) and some beauty & skincare examples of when hacks have been really successful. 

About the Speakers

Lottie Unwin – Lottie is the Founder of Copy Club, a community of entrepreneurial marketers gang who lift each other up and help each other out, with hacks, inspiration and actually useful advice. As part of Copy Club Lottie also, runs marketing teams for some scrappy brands with huge ambition including Elizaveth Scarlett, Dr Wills, BySarah & more. 

James Hickson- James is the Founder of We Brought Beer, a specialist beer retailer on a mission to bring great beer to as many people as possible and celebrate beer in all it’s forms. James also works as Account Director for Copy Club Brand Hackers, helping grow brands such as folc wine, The Transformation Chef & Dabba Drop.

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