December 9, 2021

Everything you ever needed to know about personal branding


About this event


If there’s one thing that you can do to accelerate your career beyond imagination, it’s building your personal brand.

In this session, we’ll cover everything you ever needed to know about building a personal brand, from the reasons why you should care in the first place, to the benefits you can gain, right through to building your own personal brand strategy.

About the speaker

Ash Jones is the Founder of Personal Branding agency Great Influence. He has helped to build some of the UK’s biggest CEO’s & Founders into industry-leading influential figures on Social Media.

His journey started with Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain, where he was part of the founding team. Steven is now widely considered one of the UK’s most influential entrepreneurs, with his #1 business podcast ‘Diary Of A CEO’, Sunday Times bestselling book ‘Happy Sexy Millionaire’ and being the youngest Dragon on BBC One’s Dragons Den. Since then, Ash has worked with a number of CEO’s & Founders, most notably Umar Kamani – CEO of Pretty Little Thing, Oliver Cookson – Founder of Myprotein, Julian Hearn – Founder of Huel and Sacha Lord – Founder of Parklife & Warehouse Project.

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