October 20, 2021

How to build a brand that stands out

Raye the Store- 33D King’s Road, SW3 4LX

About this event


Trying to build a brand that customers will love? Want to nail your comms strategy so people are obsessed?

Join the brains behind 3 of our favourite brands to discover how they gain loyal customers and get noticed. 

In this in person Q&A style panel we’ll be diving into how to make the most of your brand assets, nail a comms strategy & get your product noticed. 


About the panelists

This panel will be hosted by our very own Lottie, where she’ll be asking questions to the following panelists:

  • Emily Prichard – Brand and Communications Manager at HANX. 
    • HANX are switching it up contraception & care. They’ve got tons of attention for articles diving into their customers thoughts & problems.
  • Sophia Halberstam – Senior Marketing Manager at THIS.
    • If you don’t know about THIS, where have you been? They stand out with their creative campaigns, guaranteed to get press attention
  • Ursula Runacres- Marketing Manager at Love Cocoa & H!P Chocolate
    • If there’s a brand hwo know how to make the most of their assetts it’s H!P Chocolate. They’ve built a distinctive brand that stands out. 

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