Copywriting 101


Is your product or service lacking a unique tone of voice?

Want to use words to earn more, sell more and connect with your users?

Are you tasked with copywriting, but you're making it up as you go along?

Want access to the tools, frameworks and insights used by WeTransfer, Adidas and Disney?

Ready to up your branding game with creative comms that leave a lasting impression?

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Sep - Nov 21

Copywriting 101

The course teaches you how to..

Some of the brands we have already trained...

What's included?

Over 7 hours of live teaching with Robyn, Lead Copywriter at WeTransfer

An Introduction to Copywriting |
The 4 E’s – what good copywriting means for your business or brand |
The ABBA Framework – how to focus your writing to meet client/stakeholder needs

How words can influence our subconscious |
Introduction to heuristics | How you can use copywriting to influence people’s decision making

What is tone of voice and why do you need one? | How to craft a personality and tone of voice for your brand

Bringing everything together to write marketing comms | How to write killer landing pages and emails | How to optimise and make the most of CTAs | Guest Speaker

And loads more...

ABBA Framework

The framework that will ensure your writing is focused and meets client/stakeholder needs

Exercises to continue your learning

Creative exercises to practice and improve in your spare time

Heuristics Glossary

Top 10 heuristics and how to use them to influence consumer behaviour

Writing Hacks

Robyn's tried and tested writing tips

Tone of Voice Framework

Immersion questions to find your brand's personality & guardrails for Tone of Voice

Guest Speaker

An in-house CRM and Email marketing pro to share their tips

A Certificate

To highlight and recognise your dedication and commitment. And to show off your new skills on your LinkedIn and CV!

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Full Price: £450 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources

Book Early Bird and save £100!

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Who's Robyn Collinge?

If you come across a word on WeTransfer, there’s a good chance Robyn wrote it.

Robyn Collinge

If that word is taken from an early 00s RnB track, or references any kind of snack — the chance is even higher.

Working in-house at everyone’s favourite file-sharing company, Robyn is responsible for crafting and maintaining the company’s tone of voice across all brand communications. She’s previously written for brands like Disney, Adidas and JBL, and will take the em dash to her grave.

What do our grads say?

"Robyn is a brilliant trainer"

Me and my team took the course to help us hone our brand tone of voice. Robyn was a brilliant trainer, getting us clear on why copy matters so much at the outset, and then walking us through frameworks and giving us tons of useful tips to bring our brand’s voice to life. I have already seen a step-change in the copy that my team are writing!
- Marketing Director
at Zizzi
Jennyfer Roxanne Missamou
- Onboarding and Program Coordinator
at WeTransfer

"This course is very valuable for copywriting newbies and professionals alike."

All the techniques and best practises Robyn shared were easy to understand, and the course was structured in a way that I could have applied them with perfection the next day. As a newbie in the field, I am confident that by relying on Robyn's teachings, I will be able to write good copy whenever I need to.

"Completely changed the way we approach copy writing!"

Robyn was such an engaging tutor with inspiring insights and experience in the world of copy writing! The course has completely changed the way we approach copy writing for the better!
- Sales and Marketing Manager
at Miso Tasty

Got Questions?

Say hi to Hope! She's the co-ordinator-in-chief of all things courses — if you have a question or suggestion, she'd love to hear it.

The deets...

The is a 4 week course which will be running towards the end of the year.
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All sessions will be held on Zoom. There will be some light homework between sessions to keep the ideas we cover fresh.
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Each session will be interactive, but if you have to miss one we will circulate the content and recordings.

Coming soon...

Full Price: £450 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources

Book Early Bird and save £100!

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