I founded Copy Club because I felt a bit lonely at work and I didn’t know where to turn to for help.

I wanted to make friends who might make my life easier, and who, in turn I could support.

Where it all began....

I really believe that you shouldn’t feel isolated at work, or insecure when you don’t have all the answers. I’ve been there – and it made me really unhappy. I started a supper club back in 2014 so that the brilliant, lovely people in marketing who I met could have drinks and have someone to call when they felt stuck.

Copy Club - and NO,
we’re not just
for copy writers

Copying is also all what it’s about. Hearing ideas from businesses that have in principle nothing in common with yours, taking inspiration, recommendations and tips and making them your own.

We call ourselves a club not because we’re exclusive, but because we want to make sure when you’re on the inside you feel warm and cosy.

At P&G we used to have Copy Lunches, where we’d all get together, watch some new adverts and discuss what we thought (I suppose we were reviewing the “Copy”?).

I stole the name from that, as a nod to the big business resource I was so lucky to have, which marketeers who choose small business alternatives are denied.

What we believe

What the gang say

Meet your team

Giving back - 2% away, always

We give 2% of our top-line revenue to charity. We choose top-line revenue because it doesn’t matter how much we spend, we’re still committing to give generously

Projects we’ve supported include:

Manzil Network

A Non-profit, Youth-Led Learning Center in Delhi, India.


A grassroots organisation in Assam, North East India, that empowers female entrepreneurship


An NGO supporting migrant workers in Delhi during COVID


An NGO support migrant workers in Delhi during COVID