September 16, 2021

Career Confidential

Super charge your confidence and take control of your career

Struggling with a lack of confidence, lack of self belief or self-limiting behaviours?

Facing career hurdles you're not sure how to deal with?

Struggling to show your full potential in your career and know you have so much more to offer?

We have a solution!

This 8 week course offers a safe space to come together with the Copy Club community and be inspired to take control of your career and fulfil your potential.

A combination of on demand learning, group discussions and inspirational speakers to help anyone suffering from low confidence or imposter syndrome.

Learn from Alex and a group of likeminded marketers how to leverage your strengths to overcome the most common barriers for career progression.

Feel energised and inspired by the end of the course to go out there and nail it!

16th September - 4th November '21

Full Price: £285 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources
Book Early Bird and save £45!

Sep - Nov 21

Career Confidential

This course will teach you how to...

What's included?

A group of wonderful women, one live kick off, six on demand modules, six group discussion sessions, one panel event with inspirational women, worksheets and a WhatsApp group.

Why taking responsibility for your own career progression is so important

  • Defining confidence and what it means to you

  • Where are you with your confidence and where do you want to get by the end of the course
  • How to build your confidence

  • Know your strengths

  • Why focussing on your strengths is so important

  • Identify and refine your ‘super strengths’

  • Understand and learn to manage your ‘limiting beliefs’

  • Identify your confidence gremlin and think about how to cage it

  • Building gravitas

  • What is gravitas and why is it important

  • How to stop using self sabotaging language and body language

  • How to say no

  • Craft what you’ve learnt into a powerful personal brand and elevator pitch

  • Define your personal brand

  • What makes you different and special

  • Give and receive feedback

  • Create and review your personal development plans

  • Hear from inspirational women as we finish off the course

And loads more...


So you always know where to look for guidance and advice

Ongoing Support

Use Alex to solve your real life challenges as we go!

Inspirational Speakers

Learn from likeminded marketeers how to leverage your strengths


At each stage of the process for you to take away and use on your own personal development

Nothing is Off-Topic

Each week there will be set topics and there will be an opportunity for the group to suggest topics you'd like as well

An amazing gang to learn with

Learn with people just like you, with similar problems, who you can really learn from and collaborate with

Recommended Tools

Our communities favourite tools to supercharge your growth and make your life easier

16th September - 4th November '21

Full Price: £285 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources
Book Early Bird and save £45!

This course is right for you if...

The incredible woman behind it

Alex has worked in marketing for 23 years and is passionate about coaching and development and helping people be their best selves

Alex O'Rourke

Alex is an experienced coach, marketer and business leader who is passionate about helping people unlock their true potential and achieve their life goals. She has been coaching for 15 years now and is most passionate about helping women realise their full potential and find the confidence to believe in themselves.

What do our grads say?

I've gotten to know my strengths on a much deeper level, and in a much more precise way. And I've found a community of wonderfully supportive women. Every week would leave me feeling energised and motivated to practice small acts of daily courage. I can't thank Alex enough for curating such an incredible course, sharing so many great tools, helping us confront our confidence gremlins, and ultimately helping us feel our best.
Kasturi Kiritharan
- Match Making Executive
at The Copy Club
Hannah McFarland
- Global Partnerships Manager
at MediaCom UK
"Life changing"
Literally wow, one of the best courses I have ever attended. So much info in one place, such good value for money and a life changing experience.
"HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who is feeling unsure of themselves"
Each session was like a big group hug, & most importantly I left feeling much clearer in what my strengths actually are - which has been incredibly empowering. Would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who is feeling unsure of themselves or a little bit lost in their path & unclear on what value they are adding in their role/company/portfolio.
Sophie Cobley
- Brand Lead
at Pasta Evangelists

Got Questions?

Say hi to Hope! She's the co-ordinator-in-chief of all things courses — if you have a question or suggestion, she'd love to hear it.

The deets...

The 8-week course will have a live group discussion every Thursday lunchtime from 1:30 - 2:30PM.

The course is a combination of recorded content to watch every week and live group discussions. There will be some personal development exercises and reflections each week that you should spend at least 30 minutes on

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Each week you will be delivered a module which will be the topic for the live discussion on Thursday

16th September - 4th November '21

Full Price: £285 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources 
Book Early Bird and save £45!

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