April 7, 2022

Brand Manager Boot Camp April 2022

Brand Manager Boot Camp is an 9 week course, designed by experienced Marketing Directors, that teaches the core skills for any marketing career

Choosing an entrepreneurial business environment shouldn’t mean you miss out on the training and development opportunities you’d have at bigger companies.

Brand Management is a skill set and we want to make sure that brilliant young talent at start ups have the opportunity to learn.

We have a solution!

Brand Management Boot Camp is a 9 week course, designed by experienced Marketing Directors, that:

Teaches the core skills for a marketing career

Offers career support with access to our hiring network and 1:1 coaching

Gives you a community of exceptional marketeers that can support you in your development and day-to-day challenges

7th April - 2nd June ‘22

Early Bird price: £850 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources.

Full price: £950 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources.

Price includes 2 months free membership

7th April - 2nd June

Brand Manager Boot Camp

The course teaches you how to..

We’ve trained over 100 Brand Managers, from over 90 different brands...

What's included?

Over 8 hours of on-demand modules and 9 hours of weekly live group sessions to put theory into practice. Designed by experienced Marketing Directors and packed with clear explanations, practical tools and immediate actions.

Meet and greet the group | Find out what to expect 

Why do we need data? | What do we need? | Where do we get it? | The difference between information and insight. | How to develop insights.

The definition of strategy. | Strategic options for brand growth. | How to think strategically. | How to communicate your strategic thinking.

Turning strategy into action. | Project management skills – and why they matter. | How to influence senior stakeholders.

How to write a good brief (and a bad one). | Why it matters.
How to deliver the brief. | How to manage agencies and freelancers.

How to objectively review creative work. | How to give truly constructive feedback.

Briefing a media campaign. | Principles of media buying. | How to get a good deal.

Selecting the right KPIs. | How to evaluate activity. | What to do with your learnings.

Exploring career possibilities. | Understanding your strengths. | How to give and receive feedback.

And loads more...


At each stage of the process for you to take away and use on your own brand

Ongoing Support

Use Chris and Alex to solve your real life challenges as we go!

Insider Access

To the strategies behind brands that have nailed their strategy

A Certificate

To highlight and recognise your dedication and commitment. And to show off your new skills on your LinkedIn and CV!

An amazing gang to learn with

Learn with people just like you, with similar problems, who you can really learn from and collaborate with

7th April - 2nd June ‘22

Early Bird price: £850 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources.

Full price: £950 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources.

Price includes 2 months free membership

Who is this for...

The masterminds behind it...

Chris Lock

Chris is rather old (his words not ours) and has 25 years marketing experience, gained at multinationals like Coca-Cola and Diageo and more recently within UK scale-ups Lily’s Kitchen and The Collective. He’s worked with every part of the marketing mix, across UK, Europe and Global markets, with teams and budgets large and small. Throughout his career Chris has coached and developed teams and delivered marketing capability training courses, with a real emphasis on passion for creative thinking and on joyful collaboration.

Alex O'Rourke

Alex isn’t quite as old as Chris but worked with him for 20 years at both Camelot and Diageo. More recently Alex has spent the last 2½ years working for Fever-Tree, where she set up the Innovation department and learned heaps about how to successfully scale & grow a start-up business. Alex has experience across the full marketing mix and particularly loves all things brand strategy and creative development related. But most of all she is passionate about people and loves nothing more than coaching, training and developing teams & individuals and seeing them thrive.

What do our grads say?

Annabel Rawsthorne
- Brand Manager
at Ember Snacks

"I landed my dream job & promotion"

After completing the Brand Manager Boot Camp, I landed my dream job & promotion from ABM to Brand Manager! The course came at such a great time for me. It helped me massively in the project stage of interviews and I'm constantly referring to the course materials in my new role!


As a marketing manager who never had the classical marketing training, the brand manager boot camp has been invaluable. Chris and Alex have a wealth of industry experience between them and have created brilliantly engaging content punctuated with memorable anecdotes and sage advice. I’m looking forward to embedding what I’ve learned into my day job.
Nicola Matthews
- Marketing Manager
at Tony's Chocolonely
Clare Stiles
- Head of Marketing
at Peter's Yard

"Best training course I've ever done"

By far the best training course I've ever done. Chris and Alex are such engaging and passionate teachers and created a lovely, supportive atmosphere too. The course covered everything I hoped it would and has provided me with an invaluable toolkit to help me day-to-day and given me confidence to face future challenges with.

"Warm and collaborative atmosphere"

The things I learn from Alex and Chris each week are invaluable and I have been able to put them to use at work straight away. They make the sessions so engaging and create such a warm and collaborative atmosphere, I genuinely look forward to doing two hours of study after a full day’s work!
Hannah Roberts
- Senior Creative
at Elizabeth Scarlett

Got Questions?

Say hi to Hope! She's the co-ordinator-in-chief of all things courses — if you have a question or suggestion, she'd love to hear it.

The deets...

The 9-week course will have a live group discussion every Thursday morning from 9:30AM - 10:30AM.
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The course is a combination of recorded content to watch every week and live group discussions.
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Each week you will be delivered a module which will be the topic for the live discussion on Thursday.

7th April - 2nd June ‘22

Early Bird price: £850 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources.

Full price: £950 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources.

Price includes 2 months free membership

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