Agencies stay on the other side of the table and don’t get stuck in. Freelancers need briefing and don’t stick around. We thought there must be another way.

“I was working as a part-time Head of Marketing for a year and realised I was coming up against the same issues over and over again.

Brands were having to decide between a full time Marketing Exec, who was “hungry” (aka cheap) but lacking in direction, or a part-time Head of Marketing, who was strategic but didn’t want to get stuck in, and neither options made sense. Our Time-Share Teams solve this.”

Get a feel of what we do

10,000 incremental sales in Tesco on no budget

With a bonus £10k worth of sauce donated to UK food banks

87% increase in rate of sale in just 8 weeks

With 4 chocolate tasters recruited

A listing in Wholefoods

With a redesign of all Brand Packaging and assets


Your business isn’t like any others so you need something bespoke. We don’t have a shiny PDF full of our pre-fab plans. We do find that our work falls into a few big themes though:

Time share of a marketing team with all the skills you need right now.

Brand Development, rooted in real insight from your customers and immediately actionable.

Use Cat to solve your real life challenges as we go!

Website overhaul to get you to the next level.

But this is just a starting point. We prefer to get specific, and tackle the problem you’re actually facing.

Meet your Brand Hackers